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Around February 4, the new moon in your fifth house of romance inspires you to set an intention related to your relationship desires. Your passion for the vision plus teamwork makes for a sexy win-win. While the sun is in your fifth house of romance from February 18 to March 20, you may be feeling a bit less control freaky about date nights and other plans with the object of your affection. Embracing opportunities to be more spontaneous and go with the flow now can actually be surprisingly fun and fulfilling—physically and emotionally.

The moment could make for a magical, chemistry-boosting time. But around February 13, Mars meets up with Uranus in that same zone, and you could be tempted to make an impulsive, out-of-the-blue decision about something as benign as a date night venue to something as heavy as moving in with your partner. Giving yourself a beat to make sure this is what you really want can preempt regret.

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Allowing yourself to enjoy both of those impulses—think working on an artistic endeavor with your mate or hitting up a museum or seeing a play on a date—can prove to be both intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying. Sharing this deep-rooted dream with your partner makes it even more real and can make for a special bonding moment.

Around February 19, the full supermoon in your eighth house of sexual intimacy, you may be reflecting on your most sensual needs think fetishes or ways to improve your self-care. Allowing yourself to explore the specifics in an emotionally vulnerable way can lead to personal growth. While Mercury is in your sign from February 10 until its retrograde begins on March 5, a burst of creative energy makes it easier to get in touch with your most artistic side.

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You may enjoy putting some not necessarily all! My idea of a risk was calling the cable company and bluffing about canceling in order to get a lower rate. As a patient, I had no control.

Your Horoscope for the Week of February 5

Even before chemo, the fertility nurses left daily voice mails telling me which hormones I needed to inject and when. The entire time, I spoke up for only a single thing. When scans came back showing how effective the chemo had been which, luckily, was very , I called an oncologist on my case and asked her to please let me stop at five rounds of chemo instead of six.

I had no control over what was happening to me and my life and my body. I think cancer witness is more appropriate. I watched it happen.

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I saw the abnor- mal numbers in my blood work. I read my scan report: I watched the chemo nurse push the vincristine into my IV. I just sat under warm blankets and tried to swallow the vomit.

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My body was just a vessel for this happening, this squashing of a mutiny launched by some cells with a god complex. I was 23, never sick unless you counted hangovers , with big plans for a half marathon, for kids, for a house, for traveling. Death is waiting to pull the rug out from under all of us. Christmas, and the apocalypse all at once. A steady paycheck and a weekly brunch count for a lot.

On top of my increased risks of leukemia and heart failure ironically, side effects of chemo , a new study published in the jour- nal Cancer shows that nearly 14 percent of young-adult survivors will get another, totally different kind of can- cer. History has shown that the odds are not in my favor.

How many times do I need to get cancer before I finally do something for myself? At this, my boyfriend, Tim, smiled and shrugged. He gets that I want to do this by myself. I found an apartment down the block from the Seine. I quit my job, finding myself unemployed for the first time ever. I felt giddy and nervous, like it was my birthday, Christmas, and the apocalypse all at once.

Where do I go? What do I do? How do I spend my time? These days, in my tiny apartment with huge win- dows and a view of the Pont Neuf, I have no routine at all. I run either through the Luxembourg Gardens or to the Eiffel Tower and back. I meet friends of friends over plates of garlicky escargot or even better, unlimited french fries. Most often, I go for a walk— to the market, to the creperie on rue Saint- Andre des Arts, to a cafe where I can sit and people watch— and end up somewhere new. This aimlessness is every- thing. I have no appoint- ments.

I have no one telling me where to go and when to be there.

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I am learn- ing. What has become very clear is that nothing really matters unless it matters. I know that this sounds like a tautology, and it probably is. But what I mean is: Here is the sigh. Here it is, at a small round table in a bistro on a gray, drizzly day in Paris. Lately, all I think about is a line from a T. I took matters into my own hands and made this a life worth saving. Read the entire label before use. The Facebook logo is owned by Facebook Inc. Learn how to reduce wildfire damage by spotting potential hazards at fireadapted.

It's no secret, healthcare providers need Medical Billing Specialists. In fact, the U.

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No schedules to keep. Career Institute's nationally accredited program, you learn step by step with easy-to-understand instruction, plenty of examples, plus Toll- Free Hotline and E-mail Support. Graduate in as little as four months and be ready to step into this high-income career! Rush me my free Medical Billing information package with complete details. No cost, no obligation. Not just any deli meat— hormone-, antibiotic-, nitrate-, gluten-free chicken breast.

Munching on my holier-than-thou snack, I noticed a note on the pack- age: Things were simpler a decade ago, when the big concern was whether calorie yogurt actually tasted like cheesecake. Is our worry warranted? Confusion reigns at the grocery store, with more than 75 nutrition claims plastering food, many of them pure marketing. Surveys show that more than halfofU. A GMO is a living organism whose genetic material has been manipulated in a lab for a desired outcome— corn that is pesticide-resistant or apples that brown slowly.

This is a more precise way to create organisms with more benefits. Besides claiming that GMOs could potentially intro- duce allergens, oppo- nents point out that the use of certain herbicides has created superweeds. Studies on the environ- mental impact are split. GMOs are harmful to humans.