Cusp of exposure horoscope

Those born on the Cusp of Exposure are often outstanding observers and judges of character. They know how to watch, silently, without drawing attention to themselves. Further, they are often good at recording their impressions in thought or word, and at expressing them later after long periods of rethinking. Their associates and co-workers will often come to depend on their memory, judgment and objectivity.

When able to achieve emotional stability, Leo-Virgos can be dependable and reliable friends. Leo-Virgos who use concealment and revelation alternately, as weapons or as ploys to get their way, must come to realize the childishness and non-productivity of such games. Often the solution to such problems comes when they meet just one person, or a few, who can accept them exactly as they are; through acceptance, love and trust, they can eliminate the need for hide-and-seek.

Emotional immaturity may plague those born on this cusp until they fully accept the challenges of growing up. People who like mysteries and detective work will like Leo-Virgos, and those who take the trouble to understand them will be richly awarded. Although Leo-Virgos do not deeply need appreciation, kudos or flattery, they do cry out for understanding. This silent call is heard only by those sensitive enough to take notice, on a deep level, of those born on the Cusp of Exposure.

Trust is obviously a big issue for those born on the Cusp of Exposure: their friends must be trustworthy enough to keep their secrets, and their lovers must be trusted to be faithful. Those born in this week do not easily attach their passion and affection to someone. If betrayed by a friend or lover, a Leo-Virgo may suffer emotional collapse. Characteristically, Leo-Virgos form long lasting relationships with those who first penetrate their shield of mystery. Those who can accept the fully revealed Leo-Virgos, continuing to like them even after they show more of themselves, become their closest, lifelong friends and partners.

Leo-Virgos may not make the best parents or the best children. Their private nature can make intergenerational sharing difficult or impossible.

August 23 Zodiac

There may well be a family member, however, a cousin or sibling, to whom they periodically open their hearts and with whom they share their secret worlds. Such peers are valuable role models for possible mates later in life; indeed, Leo-Virgos may often cast their life partners in the role of brothers and sisters. Although usually far too self-centered, secretive and unattached to sacrifice themselves for family life, Leo-Virgos can be counted on to discharge their obligations in the daily living situation, as long as they demands placed on them are not excessive.

Be more transparent — let people see what you are really like. Beware of keeping secrets even from yourself. Allow others in, to share in both your joys and sorrows. National Memorial to be built on the National Mall. He changed our country through his eloquence, through his courage, through his belief in nonviolence. President Bill Clinton is not an easy personality to fathom. If you are in the mood for activity, it will be a good idea to try out some activities with a hint of intimacy. Even housework when done together can yield good results. In this manner you will spend a quality amount of time with each other and fulfill the yearning of the day.

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While you spend time together, try to avoid being around sharp objects such as knives. If you cook a meal together, do not use knives. Otherwise, today is a great day. Have fun! Take the zodiac compatibility test to find out. Related Links. For example, you tend to over-think. This makes you stagnate in certain areas of your life. You need to relax and let go every now and then. Also, you hold unnecessary grudges. Now, these will only drain your emotional strength. Try to forgive those little mistakes that others make.

Believe you me; it will be very liberating for you!

AUGUST 23 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

All in all, you are an awesome person. Pull yourself together and do that which you need to. Do them for a higher purpose.


This is the path to your true happiness. You share the August 23 birthday with many famous people from across the globe. Here are five of them:. August 23 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Virgo. This decan belongs to those born between August 23 and September 2. The planet Mercury plays the supervisory role in this decan. As such, you exude the more outstanding characteristics of this celestial body.

This means that you are friendly, analytical, communicative, and outgoing. These are the more positive qualities of Virgo. Your birthday stands for flexibility, affection, and trustworthiness. These are your steppingstones to success. Use them wisely! You can make a very good evaluator.

The Leo-Virgo Cusp: Key Personality Traits

Evaluation requires people who are sharp, quiet, undemonstrative, and reserved. You are all of these! These qualities make you into an excellent judge of situations. You are able to remove your emotions from the analysis.

Leo-Virgo Personality

Thus, you can come up with a realistic, trustworthy analysis of any given situation. Fuchsia is the magic color of people born on August This color is very pleasing to the eye. However, people misunderstand it quite easily. Such is your personality! Read on to understand your robust personality.

"Cusp signs" are not real!

Love and Compatibility for August 23 Zodiac August 23 zodiac people are some of the most dependable lovers in the entire zodiac spectrum. A word of caution!

Leo Virgo Cusp Man

What are the Traits of a Person Born on August 23? Famous People who Share the August 23 Birthday You share the August 23 birthday with many famous people from across the globe.

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