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Her God given psychic abilities help provide her clients with a truly amazing look at their lives albeit the past, present or future. More Salt Please 1,, views. This means m y wounded healer Chiron is in Leo retrograde. That will be quite the dead weight come November. His voting record speaks for itself. The guy has to go. Hal, on the other hand, is someone who can think for himself. Egyptian Tarot, Relationship Update and India.. This is an even that celebrates the Tarot community by asking bloggers to all post at the same time on the same subject.

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Flying Stars will always affect whether people believe in them or not. So please take this into consideration for friends and family. Unless an auspicious star is activated in the home or office with the appropriate colours, objects and cures and enhancers, it is of no benefit to you, so please be sure to follow our advice carefully. Flying Star Feng Shui Is extremely powerful and can explain a lot about what is going on in a home.

Looking at the chart above, you will see that we have the 2 black star enter the northeast of the lo shu in and we are going to need special cures and enhancers in the northeast to weaken the malevolent influence of this star. At the least, I would hang a set of six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon and also place a salt water cure in the northeast and southwest in to control and weaken the annual 2 and 5 stars.

This is very important in especially if you have the main door, bedroom, office, lounge or other important room in the southwest, south, southeast or northeast. You should not disturb the ground by digging holes small holes for planting is fine , build foundations or conduct any maintenance work with any loud equipment in the areas inside or outside your property or garden.

There are also another two other rules that you should follow regarding the Three Killings in Firstly, if you are moving your desk around this year, never sit with your back towards the west, it is better to face west instead.

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If you have a door in the west in , please take a lot of care when opening and closing the door to make sure it is not slammed. Settle and avoid the influence of the Three Killings by opening and shutting the door calmly or install a soft close hinge.

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Urgent repairs to your home or office in the west during will need a cure to prevent any negative consequences. You can place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out or ideally, contact a professional Feng Shui Consultant to select an auspicious date to start the work. Like the Three Killings, Tai Sui does not like to be disturbed either. The effects of Tai Sui can be good or bad depending on the annual flying stars that coincide with its location. If your property or front door faces northwest in , much like the Three Killings, you must try to avoid doors from slamming when entering or leaving your home or workplace.

You should avoid digging or renovating your property in this area at all costs in If you have an office or shop door in the northwest this year, I would recommend installing a soft close attachment. Sui Po year breaker occupies the division directly opposite Tai Sui Grand Duke, which for is the southeast. You should treat this area the same as the other annual afflictions with no ground-breaking work, renovations or any loud activities. If disturbed, this area can and usually will cause immediate health problems especially with regards to the elderly, so please be very careful with the southeast of your home or office this year.

The annual 5 yellow has flown to the southwest in , and this is not good and the reason why so many specialist cures are needed in It is highly recommended not to disturb the southwest of your home or business with noisy activities, renovations or maintenance work this year. When disturbed, the Five Yellow can bring disaster, sickness, lawsuit and major loss of wealth so please be very careful in the southwest in as it is very afflicted.

In you must place a set of six Chinese i-ching coins tied with red ribbon, a six-rod hollow metal wind chime and a salt water cure in the southwest to avoid the problems that are associated the 5 yellow disaster star. The analysis of the annual flying stars can only be conducted from a general point of view offering indications as to the potential influences of the stars in the respective palaces for the year of the Horse.

In Feng Shui out of all the compass based methods for analyzing what is to come, the Flying Star Chart is the most powerful and quickest working method.

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Using compass directions along with a formula to determine the unlucky and lucky sectors of your building usually your home though some do it for businesses too. Different time periods can be analyzed too, yearly all the way down to even hourly. It is the star for job success and relationships. This is especially true if you do what you can to enhance the positive influence of the star by positioning your work area in this sector.

Proposals you draft, calls you make will enjoy better luck. Because of the 5 elements production cycle, fully making use of this sector can see a larger positive impact. It is closely related to relationship and achieving success in career. In , if your job is sales-related or running your own business, you can consider to use this sector to position your work desk, making important sales phone call or drafting proposal for clients as it will have positive influence to enjoy plenty of success luck.

Due to the production cycle of 5 elements Metal create water , it will have more positive impact this year if you fully utilise this sector.

As the 3 killings has also reside in this sector, it is important to avoid any major renovation in order not to activate the negative energy. You will also have strong windfall luck this year. Kan 1 is a water element. In the physical body, it is the ear. Internal organ it is the kidneys, and it is also blood.

It also affects career and luck. As of the 4th February , the annual 1 Kan Tan Lang water star has flown into the west of every home and office all around the world. The inherent energy of the west is metal which brings a nice relationship between the two elements as we have metal enhancing water.

Overall, the west is a lovely area in , especially for the youngest daughter of the home or business in and will also have a positive effect on all females this year if activated correctly. If your home or office has a front door in the west in , it is very important that you do not slam the door and if possible, I would suggest that you install a soft close hinge, as loud noises can activate the maleficent effects of the Three Killings.

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You must also aim to avoid any internal doors or windows being slammed in this area during and avoid digging or renovating your property in this area at all costs. If you have no option but to undergo heavy work this year, please make sure that you follow the advice below and also have the relevant cures in place and try to do so when an auspicious monthly flying star flies in to the west which would be in February, May, June, July, September or November. It is almost inevitable that you will come across a sector of your home or office where you have an auspicious star fall into the same area as one of the annual afflictions.

This can be very off-putting, but if you are careful and respectful of the area, you can still reap the rewards that the annual 1 star can bring to the west in You can hang Dragon bell or place some water colours in the way of bedding, pillows, lampshades, rugs etc. You should avoid fire colours in the west this year as this will drain the energy of the annual 1 star. The west is not a good area for candles in If using furniture and decorations in the west this year to enhance the 1 star, you should place furniture with waves and ripples as this is a great water cure.

With it can come illness to those living in the home if they do not take actions to weaken it and defend against it. The very traditional means to weakening the effect of this star is to use 6 I-Ching Chinese metal coins and hang them in a row. They should be placed between the 4th February to 3rd February in the northeast part of the home. It is important these are coins that are from a decent dynasty as that impacts on how effective the cure will be. Unfortunately, you will find a lot of stores selling cheap options and when things are not sourced properly these cheap cures can cause more problems than actually help.

In you should also place in the northeast a salt water cure. This flying star indicates health problem, especially for the elderly women or pregnant woman.

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Meanwhile, you will attract many evil people around you. Take care of the digestive system too. In , we have the 2 star enter the northeast of every home or office for the year which makes this area very unpredictable without the necessary cures and enhancers.