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Aquarius Compatibility January 20 - February Pisces Compatibility February 19 - March Aries Compatibility March 21 - April Taurus Compatibility April 20 - May Gemini Compatibility May 21 - June Cancer Compatibility June 21 - July Virgo Compatibility August 23 - September Libra Compatibility September 23 - October Scorpio Compatibility October 23 - November Sagittarius Compatibility November 22 - December Capricorn Compatibility December 22 - January Gemini will match you on an intellectual level, though. Get with a Cancer though, and expect to basically break your bed with hot sex, ok — or go for a Piscean if you want that finish-each-others-sentences closeness.

Your biggest mental and emotional connection though? Cancer is a real good match though, their nurturing nature is well matched with your love for connection, as well as Scorpio — a Scorpio can basically read your mind, so unique is your intuitive connection. Want more?

Positive and Negative Relationship Traits of the 12 Zodiac Signs

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