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You might invest in a new house, or might rejuvenate your house, or even get furniture for your house. The presence of Saturn in the third house means that you would not have to give money to your neighbors or siblings, and would not have to lend money to any of your friends and relatives.

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This means that your savings would be intact and you would not have extra expenses during this time. The presence of Jupiter in your second house until 20 November, , brings along chances of welcoming a new member into your family. There might be a new addition to the existing family members, or a birth might take place at your house.

For Scorpios, the year does not seem to be very enriching in terms of health. This therefore means that you need to take more care of your health than usual, and focus on keeping yourself healthy. Take good care of yourself by exercising daily and eating healthy food, so that you do not fall ill due to external factors.

There is a chance of Rahu making you fall prey to unexpected diseases as it would be placed in your eight house. So, just take a little extra effort for your health, so that you can cope up well with anything that comes your way. Rahu and Ketu would move in to your first house and seventh house respectively, from 23 September of This transit would bring mental stress to you, and keep you in a disturbed state of the mind.

Try to remain calm if possible, through meditation and exercise, or by diverting your mind to do things that interest you and help you keep a peaceful mind. Grabbing this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity would prove to be beneficial to you in the long run. For all the working professionals out there, the Horoscope for predicts that work matters and professional commitments would keep you up for short distance travelling, and this would help you refresh your mind occasionally. From 30 March to 30 June, , the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn would take place, and this transit phase would present you with unwanted and unnecessary travel options and chances.

You might not want to go ahead with it, but would have to comply by them for the commitments made by you. These travels would also bring about unwanted expenses for you, and so it is advised that you control your finances as much as you can during this phase. Scorpio January Horoscope: Scorpio, your active participation and initiation in work matters will bring you in the eyes of your seniors and boss.

New neighbors will become your new source of entertainment. Keep a regular control on your tongue and avoid using unimpressive tone and language while having conversations with anyone. Scorpio February Horoscope: On career front, there could possibly be a change in your work environment, which might impact your performance-negatively or positively, depending upon what kind of change it brings.

Heart patients will require careful observation and precautions. Try to be humble with your family members and give ample of quality time to each one of them. Scorpio March Horoscope: Scorpio, March will wind up being a phenomenal month for you. Those who are already working somewhere can expect their work performance to be perceived and appreciated by boss and seniors.

Handle your love relations with care and understanding. Most importantly have faith in each other and keep supporting no matter what life brings upon. Share market investments should be done only after careful analysis and calculations.

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You might have to finish tasks in abrupt manner in order to prepare yourselves for such trips. We would advise you not to keep things pending for a long time. By doing this, things will become a lot easier. Avoid making major financial decisions during this period as it might result in a downfall. Scorpio May Horoscope: During the month of May , all sorts of relationships-be it personal or professional- will have to be handled with utmost care and consideration. You ought to maintain amicable relations with your business partners by being polite to them.

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You may spend a lot of time away from home as will bring plentiful of travel related opportunities. Your father will support you in all your endeavors. Scorpio June Horoscope: June is perfectly ideal month to dig deep into matters of interest. Research work executed during this period will take you towards great heights of success and achievement. On the other hand, be extra cautious regarding legal matters and try to keep everything on record in order to stay away from any irksome circumstances. Along with this, be considerate about your health and maintain proper dietary patterns.

Avoid consuming too much of fast food in this month. In return, you ought to respect him and be extremely humble towards him. You may likewise get an opportunity to travel to some far off place. Scorpio August Horoscope: This month predicts a change in your career- which could either be positive or negative. You need to prepare yourself for both kinds of consequences. Just, be a little mindful about your language. Scorpio September Horoscope: During this month, your hard work and efforts at work place will be taken into consideration by your seniors and boss.

At the same time, your elder siblings will be thoroughly supportive and will assist you at every possible step. You can place assets in share markets as gains are likely during this month. Just try to avoid arguments and conflicts, rest everything will be fine! Scorpio October Horoscope: According to the researches of October Horoscope, you seem to adopt an unimaginable fascination for spirituality. This month carries odds of unexpected expenditure, which will possibly be a reason of stress and mental tension. Self health will require attention and hence should be taken care of.

Scorpio November Horoscope: This monthly horoscope requires you to be extra humble, loving and caring towards your partner. Make sure that do not create unnecessary space for confusions or pointless issues. At the same time, give away argumentative and bossy nature, else this could create problems with business partners. Uplift yourself! The zodiacs therefore represented an antiquity of some 3.

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It is interesting to note that, as well as referring to Mackey as the Oedipus who had understood the riddle of the zodiacs, H. Another part of the cleaned ceiling of the main hypostyle hall in the Temple of Hathor. The lion representing Leo is clearly visible in both the circular and rectangular zodiacs fig. Mackey like Bentley believed that the circular zodiac contains a second Leo, i.

This lionlike creature, and the two figures on either side of it, are nowadays associated with the constellations Centaurus and Lupus see fig. The figure of Virgo holding an ear of wheat is clearly recognizable. But where are the other two Virgos that Mackey refers to?

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  • Mackey is wrong to believe that the two female figures with a star over their heads fig. A total of 24 such figures can be seen in the rectangular zodiac, usually beside a tablet nos. They represent the 24 hours of the day and night, and are a common feature of ancient Egyptian astronomical art, especially that dating from the Greco-Roman period. But, here, the first virgin is represented with a Child on her knee But where is the third Virgo? Returning to the rectangular zodiac, there are two figures standing just to the left of Leo, in the damaged part of the zodiac.

    These are barely visible in fig. In the circular zodiac, Leo is represented standing on a snake fig. In the rectangular zodiac, too, Leo is shown standing on a snake fig. In the circular Dendera zodiac the Virgo figure holding the ear of wheat corresponds to the Furrow or barley goddess , and the female figure standing behind the Lion corresponds to the Frond of Erua, whose constellation was located among the stars of Coma Berenices and the western half of Virgo.

    In addition to Cancer, Leo and Virgo, there have been claims that several other constellations appear more than once in the Dendera zodiacs, but none is very convincing. In the circular zodiac fig. Aries is represented in the circular zodiac fig. Photograph by Richard Fusniak of a marble reproduction from a plaster cast of the original circular zodiac Fitzwilliam museum, Cambridge, England.

    One of the reasons why some French researchers in the early 19th century thought the zodiacs could be 15, years old, is that certain constellations were repeated at an interval of about six signs. The two alleged extra figures of Aquarius are shown in fig.

    In the circular zodiac the figure is an enthroned goddess holding aloft a pair of vases with no water emerging from them ; the same goddess, wearing the same distinctive headdress, appears in the rectangular zodiac, but without streams of water flowing from her vases. Gavin White argues that these figures represent the Babylonian Star of Eridu, located in the region now occupied by the stern of the Argo; the rising of the star heralded the end of the summer drought and the start of the autumn rainy season. As for the rectangle containing wavy lines fig. The Abyss symbol under the feet of the lionlike creature in the circular zodiac probably stands for Crux, the Southern Cross, whose stars approximately form a square.

    The Abyss symbol also appears in the Pisces constellation, where it represents the four bright stars that form the Square of Pegasus, known in Babylonian astronomy as the Field.

    White says that the Abyss symbol was used for the stars of Crux, because they mark the start of the rainy season and the rise in river levels, and it was used for the Square of Pegasus because these stars marked the start of the main flooding season and the time when crops received the final irrigation.

    Gavin White notes various close correspondences between the Dendera constellations and what we know of the Babylonian constellations. He believes that the Babylonians began to organize stars into constellations in the 5th millennium BCE, and that in the mid-3rd millennium BCE about half the archaic constellations were replaced by new star figures due to the changes brought about by the precession of the equinoxes Gavin White, Babylonian Star-Lore: An illustrated guide to the star-lore and constellations of ancient Babylonia , Solaria Publications, 2nd ed.

    Cauville and Aubourg explicitly reject the idea that the positions of the planets are purely symbolic.

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    But Gary D. De Lubicz, Sacred Science , pp. Note that the positioning of Libra and especially Cancer is anomalous see fig. Cancer could be regarded as the inner point of an irregular spiral.

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    Jed Z. Another possibility is that instead of Capricorn being the constellation in which the solstice sun rose, it is the constellation in which it set ; this would bring the date forward by about 10, years ibid. Antonios Goyios, S. Mackey and the Dendera zodiacs , Oct , blavatskyarchives.

    It was recognized that the Dendera zodiac might have been made in Grecian times but still refer back to much older periods ibid. Joseph Fourier interpreted the rectangular zodiac to mean that the heliacal rise of Sirius occurred at the boundary between Leo and Cancer, which he dated to BCE, and he believed that the zodiac in the temple of Esna originated in BCE, when the heliacal rise still took place unambiguously in Leo.