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Aspects in Astrology - Meaning Explained - Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine, & Sextile

Learn how your comment data is processed. Introduction to Aspects: Soft Aspects and Orbs.

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Soft Aspects The trine and sextile are often referred to as soft aspects, and they suggest an energy between planets which is easy, flowing and innate. Trine KEYWORDS: flow, ease, inspiration, harmony, comfortable, natural Traditionally the Trine has been viewed as beneficial, indicating a degree of harmony and ease between the planets or angles involved. Join author, life coach, and astrologer, Jayne Logan in an exploration into the basic and foundational principles of astrology.

Astrology Orb and Aspect Calculation

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About the Author: Jayne Logan. She sees Astrology as an instrument enabling us to engage fully and move through the seasons and cycles of life without fear, but with awareness and purpose.

Astrology: The Aspects of planets (Conjunction, sextile, square, Trine, Opposition)

The intertwining of these facets within each of us, enables profound and insightful comprehension of our own life story. At any given time, our place in that story has particular meaning, but at times that meaning escapes us.

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Based in Canada, she travels extensively and serves clients in North America and Europe. She considers Astrology to be a highly valued tool in her Coaching and Consulting practice, one which she uses with a deeply Mindful Heart. Related Posts. Beyond the Sun Sign. September 24th, 0 Comments.

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The Planetary Aspects

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February 22nd, 0 Comments. Skip to content Aspect orbs for beginners To start with use these orbs.

Unlock the Wisdom of the Stars

They are the standard aspect orbs used on my courses. Note for Solar Fire users If you have Solar Fire you will need to set up these aspect details as an Aspect set and save the settings. If you are taking an astrology course with me you can do this beforehand to prepare. You may also like: Aspects applying and separating. Fibonacci aspects.

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